En esta página respondemos las preguntas más frecuentes formuladas por nuestros clientes, se recomienda leer antes de hacer una pregunta a atención al cliente.

How long will delivery take?
Depending on the size of the order, it usually takes 10-30 business days.
How safe is it to buy from you? Is my data protected?
We are a registered and established company in Mexico, with a wide portfolio of clients in more than 15 countries. The information sent by our clients is stored on our servers and is used confidentially, you can consult our PRIVACY POLICY to learn more about it.
What are the payment options?
Deposit, Bank Transfer, OXXO or Paypal.
What are the shipping methods?
All shipments are made through Estafeta, DHL and Correos.
Do you ship outside of Mexico?
If we ship to more than 40 countries, we take care of the necessary documentation to dispatch the cargo from Mexico to the destination country.
What are the payment conditions?
50% advance payment and 50% to be sent. IMPORTANT: Advances are not refundable.
Can i customize them?
If you can choose the accessories, style and even put your brand on orders greater than 60 pieces.
Do I receive an invoice for my order?
You receive a ticket or invoice if required, along with your order.